So many reasons to become a member!

* Free subscription

Access to a MRI platform*

  • Preferential hourly rate for research scans (anatomical, fMRI, DTI, spectroscopy, TMS presentation); 
  • Access during regular office hours and Saturdays; 
  • Support for stimuli presentation in magnetic resonance research protocols, and for recording responses; 
  • Equipment loan program.

Diversified formations

  • Basic and advanced training on neuroimaging techniques in the form of practical workshops and scientific and methodological conferences;

  • Series of introductory workshops on stimuli presentation software (eg Presentation, Eprime);

  • Training and discussion on ethics and safety.

Financial and technical support
  • Technical support for projects in EGG, fMRI and others;

  • Support for study development and quality control when acquiring MRI data;

  • Training Award program to attend training activities in the field of neuroimaging for CINQ student members;

  • Funding for an hour of protocol development for all new MRI projects.


To become a member

STEP 1 : Fill out the form at the following link : here

STEP 2 : Your CV and a short letter of motivation, if needed, will be forwarded to our Scientific Committee for approval.

*the MRI platform is up to the standards if the Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol 

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