• Assist the formation of researchers, clinicians, post-docs and students from Québec regarding the acquisition and analysis techniques and methods for human neuroimagery ;
  • Facilitate access to existing Quebec region neuroimagery installations for all affiliated researchers; 
  • Contribute to knowledge transfer towards clinical applications for patients showing neurological or mental health troubles ;
  • Establish meetings and seminars to promote collaboration between researchers interested in neuroimagery in Québec area;
  • Promote access to existing research support programs involving neuroimagery;
  • Promote and support the retention of human and animal neuroimagery researchers in Québec area;
  • Support the development of a local infrastructure for facilitating multimodal, translational and pluridisciplinar neuroimagery research in the Québec area;
  • Create and maintain new research collaborations between developpers of new methodologies and fondamental or clinical researchers using or willing to use neuroimagery methods in the Quebec area;
  • Promote and support the creation of strategic initiatives in medical imagery outside the framework of neurosciences and mental health.

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