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Michael Brodnar, Ph. D. Negative Symptoms: A Multidimensional Approach across the Spectrum of Psychoses

  • 21 Sep 2017
  • 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Centre de recherche CERVO


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Pour sa première conférence de l'automne 2017, le CINQ est heureux d'accueillir M. Michael Bodnar, psychologue au "Psychotic Disorders Program” de l’institut Douglas, et professeur adjoint au département de psychiatrie de l'Université McGill.


Psychosis is characterized by positive (hallucinations, delusions), negative (diminished expressivity, amotivation), and cognitive (impaired memory) symptoms. Negative symptoms generally persist longer than positive symptoms and have been robustly related to a poorer outcome. Unfortunately, current treatments available for negative symptoms offer only limited to no relief. Therefore, there is an important need to provide adequate treatment for these symptoms in order to offer a better outcome for more while helping to reduce long-term healthcare costs. This presentation presents findings from longitudinal studies that explored clinical outcome (remission and severity of negative symptoms) in people with a first-episode of psychosis using behavioural, neurocognitive, and neuroimaging data. It then turns to our currently proposed research program aiming to reconceptualise the negative symptoms using a multi-dimensional database across the continuum of psychosis (i.e. from a first-episode of psychosis to enduring schizophrenia).The findings herein will significantly influence the development and testing of future negative symptom treatments aimed to improve outcome for more. Insights from this research program will also inform and help sustain and scale up the ongoing process of psychological services offered to people with psychosis, namely those with predominant negative symptoms.

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